Change Orders

Cost Control

Clients are demanding that designers, construction managers and contractors relate more strongly with their financial and economic objectives, and demonstrate more effective cost management in the delivery of projects.

Regardless of location or financial situation, Owners expect their design and construction team to manage project costs in an accurate and responsive manner.  They expect that an accurately defined budget will be prepared early in a project and that the project will be completed according to the required scope, quality and performance -- all within that budget.

KWAME will control your costs and complete projects within budget.  Project cost risks can generally be classified by one of the following categories:

  • Owner Driven Changes
  • Design Errors & Omissions
  • Contractor Mistakes
  • Unforeseen Conditions

KWAME's cost management system works to ensure that Designers are at-risk for cost overages due to design error, Contractors are at-risk for their mistakes, project contingency plans/funds address unforeseen conditions, and Owner changes are minimized through proper project scoping and thorough stakeholder communication.

Cost Estimating - KWAME uses our extensive local and national experience in professional fees and construction costs, as well as our historical databases, in order to systematically develop all aspects of the program/project costs.

Procurement Strategy - KWAME works within our client's established policies and procedures, stated procurement goals and stakeholder requirements to ensure that the project procurement strategy supports the Team's cost, schedule and quality goals.

Project Accounting - KWAME's utilization of Project Accounting provides our Project Managers with the ability to accurately assess and monitor project budgets and ensure that the project is proceeding on budget. Project managers can quickly address any cost overruns and revise budgets if necessary.