"They understand where you’re trying to go and what you’re trying to do. They make sure we have a win-win situation...Very professional, very straightforward, honest and genuine in their approach."

Tim McKay, PE
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Senior Vice President, Rail Program Development

Agency CM Org Chart

Agency Construction Management

Agency Construction Management is a fee-based professional service that can be applied to any delivery method. As the Owner's principal agent, KWAME is responsible for providing unbiased, objective advice on crucial matters such as funding, scope of work, scheduling, design and construction oversight, quality control, contracting and procurement.

We accomplish by developing project teams that include superior project management resources, experienced site supervision professionals, and expert support from our home office technical service groups, in the areas of:

KWAME serves as a third-party manager of the design and construction process - managing the designer's timely delivery of bidable and constructable documents that illustrate the Owner's program and vision, as well as ensuring that the contractor's construct this vision in a cost effective and efficient manner that is in compliance with all contract documents.  KWAME implements an open book approach, ensuring that our client is making informed decision regarding project cost, schedule and aesthetics.