Internship Program

The goal of Kwame Building Group’s internship program is to provide students with learning opportunities in a dynamic environment. Interns apply and test their knowledge and skills on project sites and in a corporate structure. We place high importance on the program and believe that we are helping to shape the future leaders of our industry and our company.


  • Provide a valuable learning experience for the intern
  • Allow students to work a significant amount of time (40 hours/week), with the beginning and end dates clearly stated before the intern begins the position
  • Interns will have a substantial level of responsibility
  • The internship will be structured in ways that simulate an actual job
  • KWAME will have an on-site mentor for the intern (usually the supervisor)
  • KWAME will have a clear written agreement with the intern about expectations, responsibilities, evaluation, supervision, and work schedule

Potential candidates should be currently enrolled in an engineering or construction management college/university program (with a recommended minimum GPA of 3.0).

Internships commence the first Monday in June and conclude the first Friday in August.


Kwame Building Group, Inc.
Internship Program
1204 Washington Ave. Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63103
Attn: Human Resources